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Laurène LENERT (18+)

Laurène LENERT (18+)

Name: Laurène LENERT
Category: Drumset
Age: 20
Location: Tours, France

My name is Laurène, I’m a 20 years old drummer and I live in France. I’ve been drumming since I was 12 and this is the thing I love the most.

I decided that I wanted to play the drums when a percussionnist in Paris Opera (Bastille) showed me how it was to drum. After this day, even if I didn’t have a kit at home, I spent my time watching drum videos on youtube, covers, lessons, how to mount a drumkit, and 6 months after, I had the chance to have a 100€ drum kit as a present for my birthday. I am self-taught since the beginning.

My main influence is surely Dominic Howard from Muse which is my favorite band and drummer. I try to learn his fills, and to reproduce the sound he has as good as I can. I’m also really influenced by youtube drummers as Cobus, Luke Holland, Matt McGuire.. And by some metal drummers as Dan Searle from Architects, or Matt Garstka from AAL.

I play my kit everytime I can. I’m also the drummer of “Come Back Home”, a french alternative band. I love playing gig and sharing my passion with a crowd, it makes me feel like there is nothing around us except our passion for music.

Mu ultimate goal is to make my passion a job, touring with my band as a drummer, or being a successful working session drummer.

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