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Lada Obradovic (18+)

Lada Obradovic (18+)

Name: Lada Obradovic
Category: Drumset
Age: 29
Location: Bern, Switzerland

Lada Obradovic is a Croatian jazz drummer, composer, arranger, band leader and sideman. Her musical education began with classical piano at age of 12, and continued by discovering drums much later, shortly before her 17th birthday. After finishing “Rock Academy” in Zagreb, Croatia, she moved to Graz, where she finished four years bachelor performance program. At the moment she studies master performance jazz studies at University of Bern in Switzerland. ​Lada is an artist of American company “TRX Cymbals“ (Turkish Hand Made Cymbals) and British Company “Bay Custom Drums” (British Hand Made Drums).

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  1. This is innovative. Loved what you did last year too. Thought you should have won. 8


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