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Krystal-Pebbles Kisubi (18+)

Krystal-Pebbles Kisubi (18+)

Name: Krystal-Pebbles Kisubi
Category: Drumset
Age: 18
Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Hey my name is Krystal-Pebbles (KP), I’m 18 and live in London, UK.

I’ve been playing drums for about 5/6 years now having started lessons after watching talented drummers in my church, school, and on YouTube. I had initially tried other instruments like piano and violin, but drums was the first one that I actually enjoyed and grew a passion for!

You would be reading this all day if I had to list my influences, as I’ve observed many drummers in many different genres. But nevertheless I’ll name a few: Thomas Pridgen, Cindy Blackman, Benny Greb, Dennis Chambers, Jojo Mayer… (I think you get the idea).

Ever since discovering how LIT (aka amazing) it feels to play drums, I’ve literally centred everything in my life around when I next get to hit some skins. Thankfully I’ve had many opportunities already with my church, and in my school and university to play. This has included Wembley Arena, O2 Indigo, and of course the numerous school concerts. Currently, even though I’m working towards my Masters in Pharmacy at University, I always make time to play whether for the Gospel Choir, at church, or for random online competitions for female drummers 😉 Having also picked up guitar and bass over the past few years, I’m now convinced that I have a phobia of silence and I’m pretty sure the neighbours will agree.

I didn’t have much time to prepare myself for my submission but I just decided to play an old fav and have fun with it!

Good luck to all participates – I love spending hours watching your videos!!!

KP x

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