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Kate Kuziakina (<18)

Kate Kuziakina (<18)

Name: Kate Kuziakina
Category: Drumset
Age: 8
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Hello! My name is Kate Kuziakina. I am an 8-years old from Ukraine. I live in Kiev with my family. My family is very supportive of me and my oldest sister records all of my YouTube videos.

A year ago, I played AC / DC songs with chopsticks on the table. Dad saw that I did well and bought me drums. Now I am playing covers of songs of American and Ukrainian rock groups. One of my covers from Mad Heads, an Ukrainian group got me YouTube recognition and a performance with the band. This was my debut.

I’ve play by ear There is no music school for me but I love to play the drums and dream of being a Rock star. I want to be a diverse musician evolved and trained in different styles.

“Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams.” -Kate

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  1. Good job

    • Thank you Chris!!! 🙂


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