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Jasmin Ulrich (18+)

Jasmin Ulrich (18+)

Name: Jasmin Ulrich
Category: Drumset
Age: 20
Location: Berlin, Germany

My name is Jasmin, I am 20 years old and from Germany!
I have been playing since I was 6 – which means I’m  almost playing drums my whole life!
My parents used to get annoyed of me because I drummed on everything I could lay my fingers on. So they decided to get me a drum set and thats how it all started.
Since then I had several bands with different genres and even played a long time in an orchestra. Even though I almost listen and play to all kinds of genres, I always had a passion for music that is loud and wild, which is the reason why my heart lies in the metal/rock/pop-punk genre.
The funniest thing I heard many people say, when they saw me playing in a metal band was: „Why are smiling, when you are playing metal songs? Thats not Metal at all!“
I think thats just such a silly thing to say. Because it doenst matter what genre you are playing, the main focus should always be to have fun and enjoy what you are doing!
And thats why I am always smiling when I am playing drums, even when I am playing metal songs! It may doesnt look like the “typical” metal bands, who do their best to look like grumpy cat with face paint on. But Metal is so powerful and it just such a pleasure to play those kind of song, that it would be impossible for me to pretend I do not have so much fun while playing!

It also breaks my heart to see how few girls are present in this „hard“ kind of genres. When I am visiting Metal concerts (especially deathcore etc.) there is a 95% percent chance that there wont be any girl on stage the whole evening and this makes me really sad!
Because I know there are so many talented beautiful women outside there that enjoy metal and rock as much as I do! And I am so happy to see that a contest like this also shows the world, what all those talented womens can do.
I really hope a few years from now  all those women will step up and there will be as many womens playing on metal concerts as men!
And I really hope that me and the whole community can encourage young girls to grab a pair of sticks and just live their passion!
One thing that I needed to learn on my journey as a drummer is, that its not about becoming the best drummer in the whole world or to prove people that you are a good drummer even if you are a girl.
Its about becoming the best drummer you can possibly be and more important: Its about enjoying every single second of living your passion!
Because in the end all that counts is that you are happy with who you are and what you do – and what can make a girl more happy than playing drums all day?

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  1. Awesome! I love metal too

  2. I like your video! Awesome to see some other female drummers from germany. Good luck for the contest


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