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Elisa Montin (18+)

Elisa Montin (18+)

Name: Elisa Montin (Helly)
Category: Drumset
Age: 22
Location: Venice, Italy

I’m Helly, from Venice!

Born in Venice in July 1994, I started at age of six to study drum; after changing different drum teachers at age 14 I met Sergio Pescara, who has totally transmitted me the passion for this instrument.

At 15 I started playing live in pubs and clubs with an tribute band FRONE LITFIBA (tribute Litfiba) and with an original project LIVYATAN (black/death metal).

During the years I played with a lot of different bands and I’ve been in different  European countries with: WORMZ (electro/harsh/hardstyle); CHRONIC HATE (death metal); CORRUPTED MINDS (drum n bass); ÜBERMENSCH (tribute band Rammstein) ; PRESCRIPTION HAPPINESS (dark/industrial/rock/metal).

I won different Italian drum contests and I performed for Italian drum festivals, like “Drummer Weekend” with a lot of famous international and national guests and “La lunga notte della batteria” the hystoric drum italian event.

For three years I have taught drums and today I keep this job, while touring with:
SKUNK MANIA (Skunk Annie tribute band)
ÜBERMENSCH (Rammstein tribute band)
THE ANUNNAKI (hardcore electro)
CATTIVATOR OF DEATH (italian thrash metal)

I would like to improve my job in the next level, so I think HIT LIKE A GIRL 2017 is a great opportunity to grow up, releasing  a new video, to have point of view and hear comments from all around the world, meet new people, new musicians, and, of course, new girl drummers!! ?

I thank the HLAG.

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  1. This is the best thing I’ve seen in like, forever. As I said over at YouTube…”Mesmerizing.”

  2. congratulations…!! you’re awesome..

  3. Helly – That was one of the most jaw dropping performances I have seen in HLAG since I started following this a few years ago. Simply awesome!


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