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Deanne Bradbery (18+)

Deanne Bradbery (18+)

Name: Deanne Bradbery
Category: Drumset
Age: 23
Location: Brisbane, Australia

For those reading this, my name is Dee and I hit like a girl!!!

I’m incredibly passionate about seeing ladies from all around the world come together—to celebrate each other and to show off our huge diversity of rhythm and talent! That’s why I love this comp!

I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember—and it all started with the drums! (Oh yeah!) From about 8 years old, I began getting lessons. And after about two years, I went on to teach myself—and it grew into something much bigger. Now as a 23-year-old, I’m hooked on all things musical, I can’t get enough! It’s my future for sure!

I had the privilege of entering last year, and the exceptional talent blew me away. Watching all of you lovely ladies really inspired me to experiment with different styles and feels—and it challenged me to go outside of my ‘default’ comfort zone.

The video I entered in last year’s comp was the first time I had ever uploaded anything music related. And after receiving tons of support, I set my mind to putting more of myself out there—which has been such a liberating experience.

I recently started a music project called Wild Eyed Wonder, with the intent of encouraging other people (particularly the ladies) to rise up and pursue their dreams in music—if I can do it, then anyone can! So here I am, back for another round, and hopefully this time I can inspire someone else to pick up their sticks and give it a go.

This year, my entry is an original work. I composed the whole accompanying track; flowing through different time signatures and tempo changes—inspired by Twenty One Pilots. It was so much fun to play (and write). And it’s also the first time I’ve ever written my own drum track… hopefully I get the opportunity to do more of it!

Best of luck to everyone who enters this year! If you haven’t yet, maybe you should! You never know who could end up watching your video… it might just change someone’s life.

Keep doing what you’re doing and let the love for your instrument shine through! You rock!
~ Dee

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  1. Loving the TRX cymbals sound! I gotta step it up! Great performance! Keep it up!


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