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Diana “Danusia Beatz” Nowak-Riffel (18+)

Diana “Danusia Beatz” Nowak-Riffel (18+)

Name: Diana “Danusia Beatz” Nowak-Riffel
Category: Drumset
Age: 32
Location: Niagara Falls, New York, United States

Diana Nowak-Riffel (aka “Danusia Beatz”) has been playing drums since 1999 here in Western New York. She has brought the beatz to multiple bands since 2003 ranging from rock, blues, fusion, funk, hip hop & worship. Danusia Beatz plays regularly for: her original prog/fusion band Pangea (; a local cover band Queen City Lights; & singer/songwriter Keri Cardinale ( Danusia Beatz plays at women’s conferences as well as Sunday services at various local churches. Danusia frequents the studio for recording sessions drumming for local artists, as well as the streets of Niagara Falls – busking for tourists from all over the world, encouraging the passersby to play along with rhythms from their unique culture.

Danusia’s parents immigrated to America from Poland in the 70’s. Growing up in a cultural home fostered her passion for different cultures and music. Danusia was a Refugee Case Manager for Catholic Charities for 7 years, resettling refugees in Buffalo, NY. But in the past year, she quit her job to pursue her first passion of drumming full time. When she’s not gigging, recording, or practicing, she teaches refugee children how to drum. Diana and her husband have also collaborated with musicians from various cultures at River Rock Church, where refugees from Africa & Asia attend.

Danusia has a passion for bringing her own style to a cover (or an original) by adding her own flair to it. This submission showcases her doing a drum interpretation to a piano solo of Tigran Hamasyan.

You can follow Diana on Instagram & Facebook as she shares her beatz, fills, song covers and ideas weekly! Lessons coming soon!


You may contact her for (remote) studio session work, online drum recordings, gig fill-ins or lessons:, or visit her website at

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