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Daga Karandys (<18)

Daga Karandys (<18)

Name: Daga Karandys
Category: Drumset
Age: 15
Location: Katowice, Poland

My name is Daga. I am 15 years old and I am drumming from Katowice, Poland.

This is my 4th time in HLAG Contest.

I play in my school different kinds of classical percussion instruments, learn about music, but I love to play drumset in my spare time and I can do this now more often because I got rehearsal room since 4 months. Drumming makes me happy and every time is a new challenge. I just started to read and to try how DAW works and how to record music.

I listen Dream Theater a lot, love Rock but this time I would like to show little bit MARIMBA sound – one of my favourite percussion instrument – together with drum set of course 🙂 Good luck everybody !

Greetings from Poland !

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  1. Hello~ Beautiful and graceful technique. Love the marimba incorporated into your drumming.
    You have a very skillful touch to the drums.
    Loved it!!!!
    Deb Pomeroy

  2. Dear Daga, I actually started drumming when I was your age. I had already played classical piano, folk and surf guitar, but I discovered my true love was the drums. I am 67 now and still play. It keeps me young and my body youthful too. I am in love with drums.
    When I started to drum there weren’t any other girl drummers so when I played it was like a shock to all that saw me play.
    They just hadn’t ever seen a girl play drums like me.
    You can view me on fandalism. I have posted a few videos and a bio of myself. go to:
    You can read about me on google. Debi drums Pomeroy.
    would love to hear you play live with a band some day.

    • Hi Debi
      It is a great honour to read Your comment. It drive me forward. I think I understand You cause now I am only one girl playing drumset in my school where they teach only classical music. I can hear often: “what for you doing this ?” or “You will have to choose…”.Now I do not want to choose between classical percussion instruments and drumset. Looking for the way how to connect vibraphone, marimba and drumset – to play well all of them in a good level. Thanks for support and I really like your music/movies especial first all girl band 🙂
      I would like to contact you in priv to ask some more questions if you do not mind. How can I do it ?

  3. Amazing arrangement!! I like the bells on the left of you. I use to do that before I got the octapad

  4. Daga,

    I look forward to your HLAG submission each year. This was excellent! Showed drumset, marimba, and overall musical skills. A cool thing about this competition is watching the competitors grow in skills each year and you definitely have. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.



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