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Christina Hurlbut (18+)

Christina Hurlbut (18+)

Name: Christina Hurlbut
Category: World Percussion
Age: 25
Location: Provo, Utah, United States

My name is Christina Hurlbut and I am 25 years old. I have been playing percussion for 14 years since I was 11 years old. I started percussion in 6th grade band in Highland Village, Texas. 48 students went in to interview and audition with the percussion director and only 14 made it. By 7th grade, I knew that I wanted to do percussion all the way through high school and college. I was very inspired by my teachers, Andrea Venet, Josh Jennings, and Kennan Wylie and my goal since then has been to direct percussion at a high school in Texas and teach private lessons.

In 2010 I began my undergrad at Brigham Young University in Utah. During the 7 years I have been going to school here, my teachers have really pushed me to my limits. I have become a performer, which I never thought would be possible because of my performance anxiety, and I have worked intensely on my vibraphone, timpani, drumset, snare, marimba, and steel drum technique. I have performed with the BYU Percussion Ensemble, Marching Band (cymbals), Wind Symphony, Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra which will be going on tour this summer to the Philippines! I have also performed with the steel drum band at BYU, which has been the highlight of my school career and allowed me to perform with Chris Tanner and Tom Miller. Though I love performing on all percussion instruments, I am mostly interested in studying marimba, steel drums and hand drums of the Middle East. I was even able to go on a study abroad program to Israel for an entire summer and experience everyday life there, which initially made me interested in studying percussion of the Middle East.

This past summer I was chosen as a participant of the Chosen Vale International Percussion Seminar in Enfield, NH. While there, I was able to perform, go to masterclasses, and learn from Doug Perkins, Amy Garapic, Ivan Trevino, Nancy Zeltsman and Michael Burritt. I also met many other percussion students there and we have created a consortium for Ivan Trevino to write 5 new marimba solos.

Percussion is my life and I love being able to play so many diverse instruments. I am thoroughly interested in percussion pedagogy, chamber percussion and steel band literature, and I love playing with my percussion friends. There is absolutely nothing better! I also work for the school of music as the Percussion Specialist. In this job I have learned how to repair almost every kind of percussion instrument and have made contacts with percussion companies and makers all around the country.

I have now completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Music Education, and am about to complete my Master’s in Percussion Performance in April from Brigham Young University. I am excited to be returning to Texas to teach and be an influence to students, just like my teachers were to me. This is an excerpt of my transcription of Andy Narell’s “Rainorama” that I completed for my Graduate Percussion Recital in November 2016.

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