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Cecilia Sanchietti (18+)

Cecilia Sanchietti (18+)

Name: Cecilia Sanchietti
Age: 39
Location: Rome, Italy

I’m a professional Italian drummer since 2008 but I’ve been playing drums since I was 19 years old. I’m a teacher, too. This is the main way I support myself. I play professionally but the fees in Italy are generally not enough to live only from plying music. And, really, in Italy, female drummers are recognized enough.

Background: I studied with important teachers (Fabrizio Sferrra, Emanuele Smimmo) in Italy in all styles. I studied also, percussion in “Percento Music” University of Music in Rome as well as studying harmony, composition and piano. I have participated in a lot of jazz and pop seminars. At the Berklee, College of Boston workshops in Umbria Jazz Clinic in 2009 the teacher Ron Savage gave me the “outstanding musicianship” award reserved to talented musicians.

In the last few years I focused studies and my work more on jazz/ethnic styles, afro/jazz, even 8’s and all kind of music needs interplay and feeling with your band. This is the most important part of drumming for me, “playing with others creating a common sense of music you are playing”.

I have played with numerous musicians in jazz and ethnic fields including IMarco Siniscalco, Enrico Zanisi, Pierpaolo Principato, Javier Girotto, Rita Marcotulli, David Boato, Stefano Scatozza, Federica Zammarchi, Cinzia Gizzi, Paolo Tombolesi, Marco Loddo, Arturo Valiante, Giorgio Cuscito, and Adriano Urso.

I also play popular music and have collaborated with important Italian singers Carmen Consoli and Luca Madonia, Agnese Valle, Giovanna Marini, Nada, Lucilla Galeazzi, Cristina Comencini, Lunetta Savino, and Andrea Satta. I have worked a lot in Theatre contests with Marco Rea, Movin Melvin Brown, and Mariangela Aruanno.

Since 2014, I decided to promote myself as a leader with projects featuring my compositions.
I really want to emphasize harmony and arrangement because I like to play and give a message to my public, too, and also I’d like to change the idea of drummers, who usually are considered only a rhythmic part of bands, who don’t care about music, harmony and melody. I believe that the drumming can be “musical and melody.”

Recordings: I produced my first album in 2015, in quartet/quintet: “Circle Time – Cecilia Sanchietti jazz project” with my original compositions and I organized a tour for presentation in Croatia, Poland, London, Berlin, Rome. The CD was self-produced. Here is the link to the tracks if you are interested.,cecilia-sanchietti.html

Now I’m working on my second project, a jazz trio, as drummer leader, and composer. The sound is jazz with pop and funk elements.

Third Phase. The name of the project is “La terza via” (The third side of the coin) you can find the Facebook page, and it is totally focused on the “courage issues.” In fact, most of my compositions are strongly related with this important element in life.

Finally, I think I am in a crucial moment, like a lot of Italian female musicians. I’m in a “middle phase”, in a “middle land” from which is really hard to come out and grow, overall for the women.  I’m a professional, but not at the top level. It’s difficult to achieve this in Italy because of a wall built overall for women. In Italy is so hard to be considered in this phase, because there are not the chances, the places, the occasions to grow more. And, jazz does not have the market and the public.

If you are a beginner sometimes you get more attention. You are “news,” a “young talent,” and are more appealing to jazz venues and festivals. If you are very famous, you are probably playing abroad. But if you are in the middle as a working professional, you can become overlooked. But I strongly want to work and demolish this wall.

So, I’m continuing to promote myself, playing and writing. The best satisfaction for me is to have the affection of the public and produce quality music playing with excellent musicians, most of all in an honest way. I hope this is seen in my music.

Many thanks for this opportunity.

Facebook: Cecilia Sanchietti
YouTube: cecilia sanchietti
Twitter: @cecisanchietti
Web Site:

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