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Bunga Ardina Putri (<18)

Bunga Ardina Putri (<18)

Name: Bunga Ardina Putri
Category: Drumset
Age: 10
Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hi, my name is Bunga Ardina Putri, people usually call me Bunga.
I play the drums  since the age of 5 year. This is first time I participated Hit Like A Girl. My favorite music is Rock and Metal. Now  I began to like music Jazz. I love music because music it so beautiful and I really like the drums because it makes me happy and excited. I always want to learn and learn, because I want to be able to play all kinds of music genres.

So please enjoy this video guys…..

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  1. Profile photo of MYM Drumline

    Wow! So amazing that you can do all that at 10 years old! \m/


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