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Annia G (<18)

Annia G (<18)

Name: Annia G

Age: 11
Location: Yellowknife, Canada

Hi! I am Annia G. I am eleven years old and just started playing the drums in May 2016. I was in piano for several years, which I enjoyed, but I have always loved the drums. After seeing Nicko (Iron Maiden) in a live concert, I was hooked. Taiwanese drummer S. White (Luo ShiRu [罗仕茹]) showed me that girls can drum too, and I began saving to buy my first kit.

My dad, through a co-worker, got me in contact with Norm Glowach (Priscilla’s Revenge), who taught me how to put a drum kit together by rebuilding one of his early kits, a 1982 Ludwig Big Beat, which he then gave to me. Norm also worked with members of G.O.D (Grumpy Old Drummers): Tommy Doran gave me the hi-hat and Paul Martineau gave me hoops and tension screws to finish off my kit.

I live above the Arctic Circle, where it is -40 degrees Celsius for more than three months each year. I wanted to do my first public appearance in a way that respected this place and the people in it. I had about 20 lessons from Dermot O’Neil to prepare. This is the video of that performance—in my city’s Santa Claus Parade on November 26, 2016. It was -17 degrees Celsius, and I drummed the entire parade route. The drums were rented as I did not want the cold to damage my vintage Ludwig kit.

I want to shout out to Jarad Dawkins (Unlocking the Truth), who has been an inspiration to me. Breaking the barriers of the establishment and sticking it to the man are what rock is all about. As a young artist I hope to develop the skills to be seen as a true musician and not just a kid playing the drums. I hope to inspire NWT girls to drum so hard, it shakes the hoar frost from the trees!

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