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Annette Barnes (<18)

Annette Barnes (<18)

Name: Annette Barnes
Category: Drumset
Age: 11
Location: New York, United States

Annie has been on a drum pad or hitting drums since she was born. She was invited to play concert percussion in 3rd grade in school. In 4th grade she was the first 4th grader to play the drum set for the spring concert, definitely the first girl. In 5th and 6th grade she expanded to elementary jazz band, elementary select band, and our own little family band. She was chosen for all county band this season.

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  1. Annie’s timing is amazing and always has been. She spent a bit of her young life near deaf and would dance to what she could feel. I think that very important time in her life helped shape her rhythm. She makes me very proud every time she picks up those sticks or mallets. Everything from Oldies to Modern Pop, Classical to Heavy Metal, she loves to play it all.


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