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Ana de Ferreira (18+)

Ana de Ferreira (18+)

Name: Ana de Ferreira
Category: Drumset
Age: 29
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I  was born in February 1988 and started playing drums in 2006 in Petrópolis RJ. One year later I moved to Rio de Janeiro to perform with cover bands of different styles, including samba rock, pop rock, MPB and others. Therefore, I have had experience in several styles, acquiring versatility for my drums compositions.

I have already integrated countless female bands from Rio de Janeiro. I currently have an authorial work called Melyra, which is growing fast. We are a Heavy Metal band and we received invitations to play at many nice places these years, like Imperator, Rock Experice and some public squares. At the beginning of 2015 we opened for Arch Enemy at Circo Voador. We also toured in several states of Brazil, highlighting Curitiba, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

I have recorded some EPs, albums and singles with a lot of bands, such as:
Ultra Super, Carols, Bruno Leon, Trinnity, Indiscipline, Araucellos, Landing Nowhere and others, só i could add video clips and many gigs to my release.

“Catch me if you can” is the name of Melyra’s Ep, which was released in mid-2014, at the same time we released the clip of “Silence” that is avaiable at Melyra’s YouTube channel.

I’ve been endorsed by Trexist Cymbals USA and it was very gratifying to have their support! Nowadays I have the support of Perussatto Cajons and Studio 989, where I have been recording my drum videos lately.

By 2014 i was at the Heavy n Roll Blog ranking between of the best drummers presenting the work I did for the album “In my guts”. From that year i started to do some interviews to international blogs eventually and I have had a very good feedback from the public on my social networks.

In addition, i play Cajon at the Walk the Line, which is an acoustic band from Country Rock & Folk; And Divazz, which is a female duo that mixes pop and jazz with unusually versatile versions!

In 2016 Melyra took part in a Tribute to Edu Falaschi, icon of Brazilian Heavy Metal, released by MS Metal Records, which is being very successful.

Recently I joined another female band called Bombshells, where we play covers of the Geek universe (anime, movies and series songs) we also have some videos on youtube.

In 2016 I traveled to London, playing in a few jams of Blues and Brazilian music. It was a very interesting experience and a pleasant cultural exchange.

At the moment I am part of the group of drummers “Bateria Imperial” of Petrópolis, where we make a concert , playing synchronized covers. It’s incredible!

At the end of 2016 I started to include some drum videos of different musical styles on my youtube channel, like covers and versions of well known songs. This is a project that I intend to continue for a long time.

I also work as a freelancer, recording drums for solo artists and musical projects.


Facebook page:

Instagram: @anadeferreira

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  1. Great job!

  2. Our drummer is awesome!!!

  3. Beautiful

  4. Great Job Ana, i love your work!

  5. Great drummer!

  6. The best, sweetest and badassest drummer ever!!!

  7. Beautiful girl and the best drummer ever!!!

  8. Yeah.


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