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Alison Miller (<18)

Alison Miller (<18)

Name: Alison Miller
Category: Marching Percussion
Age: 14
Location: Westfield, Illinois, United States

I’m Alison Miller and I’m a Freshman at Casey-Westfield High School in Casey, IL.  I am the only girl in my marching drum line this last fall.  Our senior girl drummer was with the Flag Corp.  Our marching drum line has won many awards this  year, as well as all the rest of the band.  This year, every judged element won at least one 1st place award during our competitions.  I love working with my friends in the drum line,

I have been playing drums in band since 5th grade.  Last year I played the quad for Jr. High band (7th & 8th grade), I was one of 3 drummers.

I was one of the two snare players during marching season.  I am the one on the right side in the video clip.  This video was a for fun exhibition of some of the drumlins at the Oblong, IL Sooktacular Festival.  The only “parade” we marched in for competition was that night, with is the largest night parade in Illinois.  It is fun with all the extra lights and stuff we get to add to our instruments and uniforms.   That morning/early afternoon was the field show competitions.  The night parade is hard to video, and most the people that would video our field shows are usually hauling equipment on the field.

The drum line for the last several years have been good, but have not wan any awards.  This year we won 4 First place and 2 Second place trophies.  We all worked hard and told each other that we could do it. We bonded in a way that made us all feel like family.  I will miss the senior drummer because it felt like he was my brother.  He makes all of us feel important.   Thank you for letting me share our story.

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