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Hi,everybody! I like to use my stage name, Queenie, because it’s easier to pronounce. Since I am over 70 years, I fall into the category of Lost woman drummers, because growing up we were discouraged from and even denied the

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Diane Hirakawa – 2021 Hit Like a Girl – IMPACT theme
My passion for drumming began in middle school as a snare drummer in an all girl drum & bugle corps. I was an only child and being in a

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Hi, I’m Niri.
About 4 years ago, I bought myself a 39th birthday present – a drum lesson, without any intention for something serious to happen, with no experience, and with lots of self-humor.
That evening I got back home

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I have played drums since I was 19, for the brazilian band CRUCIFIXION BR. I’m self taught and left handed, having a peculiar technique similar to open hand style. About six months after starting to play, I was already on

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I played in the Army Band in the late 1980’s. I freelance in and around Detroit, Michigan now. I do not make anywhere near the dollar limit in the rules and I have been unemployed from both my day job

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