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My drum love had started with kitchen tools such as casserole,wire whips,ladles and etc.
Drum stick was only a fantasy for me ? my age was passing.the breaking point was a chance with meeting the people who will realize my

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Hello everybody! My name is Marta Grimaldi from Seville,Spain.
I’m a Death Metal vocal in DEVIL IN YOU but I’ve been playing drums 4 years.
My favorite musical genres are Rock and Metal.

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Hi from Türkiye , Ankara ! I met music at the age of 10 with piano lessons but it didn’t take long because of my basketball career. Till the age of 25 i just focused on sports. After i finished

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I was born in Yamagata, Japan.
I started playing the piano from age six.
In university, I was in the collage of music.
I encountered the drums then.
After graduating from university,
I majored in drums at the YAMAHA Music

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I am Demet, I was born in 1980. I’m a graphic designer. I have always been interested in an Instrument playing, since my childhood. Unfortunately never made this dream come true. Your competition was a boost for my playing. It

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My name is Meltem. I was born in Izmir, Turkey. Currently I’ve been living and working in Istanbul as a graphic designer. I’ve bought my first electronic drum set almost 8 years ago, and drumming have become my passion since

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I would have liked to write you a long and detailed self-history concerning my interest in drumming but frankly I’m only a drummer for a year and 2 months 🙂

Music has always played a leading role in my

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I’m an instructor of twenty five years. I have countless students and also too many contributions to our education system. After years of teaching in a specific circle of subjects, the energy and desire of difference in me started to

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