Drumset 18-39


Born 04/09/1993
Started her music career at 18 years old taking private
lessons which she continues to this day. Ismael
Perez, German Bobb, Lisandro Elzegbe and
currently Quique Gentile guided her path as a
She is currently working as

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Hola , soy Norma Quiroz y tengo 23 años , de los cuales 6 de ellos los he dedicado a este bello instrumento.
Aparte de la batería también se tocar congas , bongos, timbal y toys (Güiro , maracas ,

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Hey! I’m Görkem. I’m so glad to be a part of this ‘hit like a girl!’ drummer women union. I’m an engineering student at METU. I’m 20 and I have been playing drums for six years. I always wanted to

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My name is Alicia. I started playing drums by ear young, I went to W.O Smith Music School for 1-2 years & I played for church until my dad didn’t allow me to. He kicked me and my older sister

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Adım Heva KALE,18 yaşındayım müzisyen ve sanatçı bir aileden geliyorum bu yüzden müzik ile hep iç içe büyüdüm. Daha önce piano ve çello dersleri aldım konservatuar caz bölümü için hazırlanıyorum , hedefim iyi bir müzisyen olmak.

My name is Heva

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I’ve been playing drums for 2 months and that is my very first song cover.

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My name is Derin. I’m currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m 19 years old and I have been playing drums for 6.5 years. I’m mostly into progressive metal/fusion genre for drumming but I’m willing to learn other forms of music

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Hi there! My name is Jud, I’m 28 years old and I’m Mexican. I got interested in drums since I was a teenager, but I studied it properly when I was 20 or 21 years old. For me, music isn’t

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