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My name is Winni, I’m eighteen years old. I’ve been playing drums for four years. I am not a professional drummer and I don’t have a studio, microphones or a good camera and I don´t know about edition but here

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Ben Selin Göyçimen. 19 yaşındayım. Ailem 5 yaşımdan itibaren çeşitli rock ve metal gruplarının parçalarını bana izlettiğinden beri bu müziğe ve davul çalmaya ilgim oluşmaya başladı. Lise öğrenciliği yıllarımdan itibaren de sosyal medyada çeşitli metal gruplarını ve davul cover’larını takip

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Play drums about 10 years. First time it was just a hobby, then it became my biggest passion <3
Now work in the music school and have about 7 students there. Mostly play metal, experimenting with other genres from time

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Hi, I’m Chiara Cotugno, an italian drummer, composer and music teacher. I started studying drums at 16 with private teachers, then at 20 I attended a 3-year Jazz course at the Conservatory and I got a degree with maximum score.

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My name is Sena. I am 19 years old. I’m joining from Turkey. I’m a university student. I’ve been playing drums for 5 years. I’ve been interested in drums since I was little.

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I’m Haleigh, I’m 26 and I’ve been playing the drums since I watched School of Rock when I was 10!

I draw on a lot of genres – punk and metal, jungle and drum and bass, jazz and hip ho

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La música siempre me ha acompañado en mi vida desde que tengo uso de razón, pero fue a la edad de 20 años cuando aprendí a tocar la batería; a veces pienso que empecé un poco grande a tocar, pero

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I moved to New Zealand from South Africa where my love for music began and I started learning piano and guitar at a young age. My passion for drumming became very apparent at the age of 12 and I started

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