Zee Johnson

Im a church drummer who loves to serve if you put it simply....
I went to school originally to study medicine but I took one course in music and it kind of kick started my journey into attempting to make living doing something that I loved. All my life I watch guys play in church in I would attempt at home but I would never play in front of people until I was 14. When I turned nineteen I started posting my videos on Instagram and just having a catalog to go back and look at how to make it better helped me become a better musician. I'm completely self-taught and I love it today just as much as I did at one years old when I had my first pair of drumsticks. 30 years old now I play in church every Sunday and I focus a lot of my attention on practice so that I can give God my best every week because at the end of the day we all do this because we love it. And I love being a drummer and I hope that people can feel that when they hear me play and I mostly hope that the work that I'm doing will help women become a standard behind the kit and not just a novelty. πŸ’™

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Country: United-States



11 responses to “Zee Johnson”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Zee πŸ‘ŠπŸ₯

  2. CazDrums says:

    Hi Zee -I love your playing and you said some encouraging and nice things to me last year, so vote is logged! Good luck x

  3. Best of luck Lady Zee!! You got this!!

  4. Carolyn Potts says:

    Hi Zee, you nail it! Nice. Good Luck in the contest.

  5. Hi Zee – really nice drumming – your church is lucky to have you keeping the music and good vibes flowing! R- (40+ drumset)

  6. CazDrums says:

    Hey Zee – voted again. Good luck. Casted as many daily votes as I could.

  7. Berl says:

    You’ve got my vote.
    God’s Blessing to you and your direction in God’s kingdom.
    Remember, there’s all power. ❀

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