Tracey Sheffield

Hi, my name is Tracey Sheffield and this is my first Hit Like a Girl competition submission. My drumming story is a bit unique and I didn't grow up playing music or even knowing I could play music, but came across it by happenstance through my church which had a need. About 9 years ago, I was asked to learn the djembe at my church and with no drumming background, I was petrified! I scoured YouTube videos to just get an understanding of the basics...I wasn't even sure if I had rhythm! My first time djembe playing at church, I was so scared to play, I wouldn't go on stage and just played from the front row! But over time I gained confidence and eventually joined the band on stage in worship full-time. I organically, and out of nowhere found a passion for percussion! Then, about 4 years ago, our drummer at church left and I was again asked to learn a new instrument! I went back to old faithful (YouTube) to try and get the basics and also met with two of my best friends to help me and I became the drummer at church. One year ago, I decided that I wanted to expand my skill so I took up drumming lessons with Greg Washington in Atlanta and I'm so thankful I did! I went back to the basics and I'm finally (after 4 years of playing) learning the basic rudiments and proper techniques while playing the drum kit, which has grown my confidence, skill, and diversity while playing at church, and in gigs as the drummer for the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter, Debra Lynn Rodriguez. She has always encouraged me, uplifted me, and given me an abundance of drumming opportunities and experiences that I could have never dreamed I could be a part of.

My song for this year's competition is Confident by Demi Lovato. This song is also very personal to me and holds meaning for a separate journey I've been taking over the last year. I've lost 70 pounds and I'm learning the meaning of confidence and self-love in every area of my life, so I thought this would be a perfect song to cover. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.

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Country: United-States



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