Teresa McMahan

i’m Teresa, 57. I started playing when i was 10, when my dad bought me my first drum set. My inspiration at that time was only to play as good as this cute boy who’s name was Bob, he was the best drummer i had ever seen. I spent hours and hours striving to play as good as Bob. I was self taught as in those days, young ladies were encouraged to play something other than a percussion instrument. I later played in a band with my dad and his friend, wedding receptions, graduation parties and such. I went on a hiatus for several years after my dad passed and then our other band mate. I’ve only been back to playing for about a year and a half, a friend encouraged me to break out my old set again. I must say though that now i have different inspirations as i had the wonderful opportunity over the last year to see Anika Nille’s and Hannah Welton at couple Sweetwater Sound drum workshops. Wow wow wow! They both are spectacular and must be such inspirations for the upcoming young ladies wanting to play the drums. They both inspired me to just keep tapping along if even for just myself. Anyhow, so i’m still playing my old, i think no name drums. But i’m going to join this contest anyhow, because it just looks awesome

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  1. Rasila Queen says:

    Hey, great job. Aren’t you glad you dusted your kit off. Can tell you are self taught because you are original. I have tried very hard to keep my drumming authentic and not copy too much. Welcome.

    • teresa says:

      Thank you Rasila. Yes i am glad i dusted off my kit. Really it just feels good. i believe i seen you won last week. Congratulations to you 👍🏻

  2. Good luck in the contest Teresa!! Great job 👊🥁

  3. Go Teresa! That was really inspiring. Very sorry to read about your losses, but I’m so glad you’ve found your drum voice again. R-

  4. Jodi says:

    Good job sister, you still are very good.

  5. Joe klotz says:

    This is my CUZ she kicks ass on her drums I remember back in the 70’s she played. Keep on beating those drums CUZ!

  6. Annette Fox says:

    Teresa damm your very good!! Good luck in the contest!!

  7. REP says:

    This young lady played at my Wedding Reception in 1982, she was just a “young’un” then!

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Annette, glad to see the support ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • teresa says:

      Oh wow, yes i did, so long ago. Kind of rusty yet from dropping off the scene for awhile. What i’d really like to know is what was you and Kelly’s first dance song? i can’t recall but i bet you guys remember. Thanks Randy for your support, i seen yesterday you shared the video ❤️

      • REP says:

        I had to ask Kelly, she says it was “Colour My World”. I thinks she’s right. ; )

        • teresa says:

          Oh my gosh, i remember, i do. We didn’t know it and needed to learn it. It’s like it was yesterday Randy. Wow

          I can see you two dancing your first dance ❤️

  8. Diane Miller says:

    You rock. Love it.

  9. Mark says:

    Great job
    Keep banging away
    Sounds awesome

  10. Tbuttig says:

    Awesome! Really enjoyed this! You can win this!

  11. Lauraeb says:

    Still awesome. Brings back some crazy memories. Godspeed girl.

  12. teresa-mick says:

    Thank you Laura, yeh we do have some crazy memories. ❤️

  13. Charity says:

    Great job!

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