Taylor Kim

Hi, I’m Taylor Kim. I'm a first year transfer student at UCLA, and I perform and create under the artist name VORA. I am a cello player and just started learning to produce two years ago. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in music, but as a community college student and formerly unhoused youth that dream didn’t always seem possible. However, this year I committed to music through consistent cello lessons, joining the UCLA chorale and dedicated to learning producing. SICK! Is my first piece where I felt confident enough to try my hand at vocals. I have a long way to go on my musical journey, but I think it's the first steps that count.

SICK! is about not being able to walk alone at night without fear ; not being accepted by your own family, and being told what to do by people who are living a life you would never want. The aggression and attitude in this song is rooted in my experience of being misunderstood for my own identity. As an Asian American woman, the hatred shown towards POC is infuriating; within my own communities and outside of it. This was the anthem I created in response to the negativity that I felt towards people who look like me. I want to continue to take these painful experiences and transform them creatively. Music is my way of redefining my reality.



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