Tasha Becker

Hey! I'm Tasha. I started drumming in 6th grade as part of my school's band program. In late high school, I fell in love with recording and music technology as I started to record my own songs (quite poorly at first). Now I've made major strides and I'm about to finish my music technology minor! After I graduate with my Bachelors degree, I'll be attending graduate school for my Masters in Music Technology.

I have working experience in a variety of programs including Kontakt, Reaktor, Max, and ProTools, but the software I use the most is Logic Pro (gotta have that student discount, amirite?). One of my favorite things to do is record instrument sound samples and use them to create my own MIDI instrument on Kontakt. I also love experimenting with oscillators. I've been on both the recording side and the performance side of professional studios, as well as having done at-home recording sessions of my own. I've mixed sound and been in charge of lighting for live gigs. Recently I've been been working on recording multiple solo and ensemble percussion performances. I'm also in the process of creating a Max patch for snare drum that I will use in a composition I'm composing.

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Country: United-States



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