Tahlia Gabrielle Williamson

Tahlia Gabrielle has many musical achievements like being the 2019 HLAG <18 Marching Champion, being chosen as a WA State Ambassador of Music, and mentoring under multi-Grammy winning sound engineers. Through her self-produced music and sincere lyrics, Tahlia strives to be completely genuine, raw, and honest with her listening audience. Whether you blast music with friends or you’re alone listening in your bedroom, Tahlia wants to share personal messages of faith, courage, and hope. Even though most of the music she releases is Contemporary Christian Music, she wants to reach a wide range of listeners that are both inside and outside the global church. With this, Tahlia believes it is important to sound different from other Christian artists. One principle she sets in her production process is to take influence from many genres and create a sound that is fully unique, while still remaining grounded in her roots of sharing positive messages and relatable life-stories.

When writing and producing "Renamed", Tahlia really wanted to bring a fresh sound to CCM. In the production process, she chose to reflect the lyrical positivity in the music by using joyful synths and bright electric guitar. "Renamed" isn't just her story of believing she wasn't enough, but it's everyone's story. We've all called ourselves unworthy, inadequate, broken, or even a mistake, but Jesus sacrificed Himself to show us who we really are. We are redeemed, worthy, chosen, victorious, and we are His.



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  1. Jenny Lynn on March 9, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    Beautiful lyrics, great mix and unique sound! Love it!

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