Susan Badillo

Hello there! My name is Susan Badillo and I'm 24. When I was in kindergarden my parents gave me a pair of bongoes (best present ever) and those were my introduction to percusive instruments. I still have them back in the house where I grew up.

Now I play the drums but at family reunions I always go back to using the basics, such as djembe, shakers, cajón and more and I really love it. I started playing all of this without classes and now… I still play just by feeling.

This video is the first I make of the kind, and it was very exciting, especially because I didn't know what to expect and I'm happy with the result. People often say that percussive instruments aren't music and I want to prove them wrong!

Hope you enjoy my little experiment!

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Country: Mexico



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  1. jhbadillo says:

    I like your performance in percusion’s

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