Susan B. B. Schabacker

I’m Susan B. B. Schabacker, 35-year-old Asian American female drummer/musician/singer/songwriter/humanitarian/believer from NC, USA. I'm excited to be officially embarking on my music career and journey with drums/percussion. 

I’m happy and honored to unite and bond with other female drummers, as I enter my 1st year of HLAG (Hit Like A Girl) global female drummer competition. I specially dedicate my original rock song “Chicks With Drumsticks Rock It Out (HLAG Tribute)” in honor of HLAG and Drummer Girls United drummers. I have taken suggestions from Beats by Girlz to heart and am submitting my final version to the HLAG Beatmaking competition.  

I am intent on merging magical music with meaningful mission (also my original song), as I bring each song to life with a unique drumbeat, as essential as a heartbeat. I am also committed to keeping the heartbeat of humanity going, supporting COVID-19 aid and relief, adults and kids with cancer, mothers and their babies, and other charitable causes to help many lives. 

I aim to provide positive messages of hope that inspire and impact others, beat by beat, note by note, word by word, measure by measure, and step by step. Some of my aspirations for drumming include: to provide an essential heartbeat for songs (both originals and covers); to creatively express the beats and rhythm I resonate with from the inside out as I become one with the music; to therapeutically heal; to inspire and uplift others; to learn, grow, and improve as a drummer; and to help others’ lives improve as I meaningfully merge music with mission. 

Though I’ve struggled and suffered immensely with severe mental illnesses and an untreatable seizure-like disorder that has been debilitating and incapacitating making my life feel like hell on earth at times, I do my best in my musical mission. Drumming is also a form of music therapy for me and a vital way of coping with traumatic experiences and life’s struggles. 

An advocate and supporter of equal rights for all, I firmly believe every female and individual, of whichever gender, race, and other demographics should have an opportunity to have a music career, to be represented, and to be recognized, I also believe they should be offered the right support to enable their success. That’s just one reason I’m so proud to be involved with HLAG.

 Proudly, I represent diversity that, as a female minority, I value and embrace. We are each unique and one-of-a-kind with different gifts like individual instruments. And, we can make true magic when we unite in harmony and synchrony, like a symphony of signature styles and sounds. 

I'm inspired by female drummers of all kinds, and will be developing my own signature style. Of course, I'm inspired by Cindy Santana and hope to also be influenced by jazz blues and rock, combined with pop and create a creative fusion or be more true to form, depending on what each individual song calls for. I'm also interested in exploring international rhythms and beats from different cultures around the world, including Latin, Afro Cuban, African, Asian (Japanese, Chinese and Korean), and Irish. When I find my forte, I hope to focus more on that and carve out a niche. Whether it's heavier, with rock and metal or lighter with jazz and pop, I'm excited to explore multiple styles and sounds, as well as with a variety of modern and traditional song arrangements.

BTW - My 36th birthday is right around the corner, on May 17th and I am hoping to be gifted with a pedal I can add to my Alesis Nitro electronic drumset rig, so I can rock it out with double bass. I'll be experimenting changing up my acoustic drumset rig, also and continuing to be creative with other percussion elements (e.g. tambourine, shakers, clave sticks, and wood blocks). I also can't wait to get my first cowbell. I'll try not to overuse it, but I know I'll be tempted to. I've got lots of other 

Thank you with all my heart for your support and encouragement and for the ideal opportunity to drum on, as I share my mission-merged music with true inspiration and impact. I will continue to drum on and rock rock rock it out as a chick with drumsticks and hit like a girl!

Electronic Drumset:
1.“Magical Music And Meaningful Mission” – Susan B. B. Schabacker (Poptronica) -
2. “I Hope You Dance” – Lee Ann Womack (Country)
3. “Culprit and Criminal COVID-19 (Coronavirus)”- (Trinidad/Jamaica/Pop Rock/World Fusion)
4. “Respect” – “Aretha Franklin” (Soul)
5. “COVID Cabana” – Susan B. B. Schabacker (Pop/Electronic)
6. “Mi Socio (Latin Tribute) [feat. Melina Almodovar] - Tito Puente Jr. (Latin Pop Mambo/Salsa) (Susan's 5th Album Compilation Contribution on BTV: Beyond The Virus Latin Tribute Song)
7. “Dance Monkey” – Tones and I (Pop/Electronic)
Acoustic Drumset:
1. “Anti-Coronavirus Song” (Funk/Electronic/Pop)
2. “Make You Feel My Love” - Adele (Folk Rock)
3. “Cornflake [Dot Dot Dot]” – Susan B. B. Schabacker (Rock)
4. “Anti-Coronavirus Song” (Funk/Electronic/Pop)
5. “Nautilus” – Hudson Music (Heavy Rock/Metal) for Hudson Music/Modern Drummer minicompetition
6. "As The Landscape Changes" - Susan B. B. Schabacker
7. “At Last” – Etta James (Jazz)
8. “For Us” - Susan B. B. Schabacker
9. “Lash Out” – Alice Merton (Pop)
10. “Go On (Forever) [Rock Version]” - Susan B. B. Schabacker

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