Susan B. B. Schabacker

I'm a 35 year old Asian American female drummer/singer/songwriter/humanitarian/believer from NC. I’m an advocate and supporter of equal rights for all. I firmly believe every female and individual, of whichever gender, race, and other demographics should have an opportunity to have a music career, to be represented, and recognized. I also believe they should be offered the right support to enable their success.

I'm proud to be a chick with drumsticks and member of Drummer Girls United, rock rock rocking it out with other female drummers in HLAG (Hit Like A Girl), global female drummers competition. I am happy and honored to have an ideal opportunity to develop my drumming and stay inspired by other fellow female drummers.
My inspiration for this special HLAG tribute song is all the talented female drummers from around the world, who are coming together to partake in this special global female drummer competition.Some of my aspirations for drumming include: to provide an essential heartbeat for songs (both originals and covers), to creatively express the beats and rhythm I resonate with from the inside out, as I become one with the music, to therapeutically heal, to inspire and uplift others, to learn, grow, and improve as a drummer, and to help others’ lives improve, as I meaningfully merge magical music with meaningful mission, inspire and impact others' lives in positive ways that offer hope for now and the future.



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