I am a drummer based out of India. I picked up music after graduating from top college in India 5 years back. Since then I have been working and studying drums simultaneously. Over the years I was always intrigued by the simplicity and raw power of percussions. It is a true joy to be able to play rhythm and bob to your own rhythm. I started out as a rock/metal drummer but along the path through many wonderful artists and much valued learning experiences I discovered many new genres and techniques of drumming. I explored pop, funk, Bollywood genres with many bands and experimented with poly meters and poly rhythms. I love the intricacies of drum techniques. I finished Grade 8 of Trinity Classical Drum certification last year and to push my rhythm knowledge further I joined Konnokol (Carnatic Rhythm Study) classes. Konnokol truly helped me see how same rhythm can be base of many instruments including percussions and melody instruments alike. I started putting Konnokol rhythms onto Cajon, Djembe, Bongos, Kanjira and Drums. My curiosity also led me to learn Music production, Keyboard and Ukulele. I am a beginner in those instruments but I have been experimenting with rhythm even on those. Rhythm exists in every type of music and in every layer of music. I am working towards a YouTube series named “One Rhythm Series” where I take a Konnkol rhythm and play it on percussions and melody instruments. I aim to be a Jack of all musical instruments but master of RHYTHM on all of them!

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