Siana Rehman

I am Siana Rehman. I started at age 6. The reason I started was because I loved the feeling of the sticks in my hands and just banging around for music. When I was 5 my dad to a music school but they didn't accept me because of my age. So my dad took me back there at age 6 and the accepted. My teacher was an amazing teacher and he was very talented. Then I moved on to another school where I met my teacher Mr. Kevin White. I am still working with him. He makes his own drum books and sells them all over the world. He has helped me improve my drumming so much. At first it was hard to tell peers about my skills because they would say American style drumming is not what a little girl with Bengali parents should be doing. But I kept going and now I have come this far. My father is my dadager. (Dad/manager). He is the most helpful and amazing person in the world. My dad is also the lead guitarist for his band called Alter Ego. His band does mostly Bengali songs but sometimes they do English songs. Recently, his drummer left and he asked ME to be the new drummer since I had already done a few shows with them, no after also 1 year (due COVID-19) we are going to have band practice and it will be my first band practice as the official Alter Ego drummer! I ma so appreciative toward those you have helped come this far. Music is my passion and I am hoping it will take me places. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be in this contest! I am truly grateful. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!!

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