Robyn Bond

Robyn Bond

After rising from the ashes of cringey high school music projects, 21 year old Robyn Bond now lives in Toronto and plays drums in/contributes to a number of projects. She started teaching herself drums at age 6 when her parents gave her an acoustic starter set after she had tried out all the pots. A strong sense of rhythm came naturally to her, and she continues to play the drums as the way she expresses herself and fulfills her fundamental needs. She has played in multiple projects, toured in Canada and the United States, written and released the drum parts for a number of songs, and, on one occasion, self-administered a drum stick shiner with the help of a rack tom rebound.
Robyn seeks to infuse influences from various genres, such as rock, punk, alternative, indie, and pop and is inspired to play by artists such as Mitch Mitchell, Nick Petersen, Anika Nilles, Justin Vernon, Bradley Hale, George Daniel, and Jon Beavis. Her variety of influences allows her to create a unique approach that accompanies and enhances the projects she is involved in. When she is onstage behind her kit and focusing on her craft she is also known for her unique (yet still embarrassing) drum faces and hair whipping. She is working to reach a level of technical proficiency that will match her mental perfectionism. It is a gradual process but one that won’t be abandoned. She is a firm practitioner of drumming as an art and continually challenges herself to expand the creative boundaries of her style while still seeking to make accessible and enjoyable music.
In her video submission, Dead Planet, a song written by band mate Evan Moore about surreal and futuristic escapism, Robyn demonstrates her energetic passion for her art. She works to create anticipation in the listener while moving between pace changes with precision. As is typical with many of her drum parts, the percussion drives the song and she has a penchant for the unpredictable. She does not subscribe to a cookie-cutter, metronome-based expected percussion but keeps the audience engaged. Her skill and innovation, along with her exciting performance style, makes for a memorable and endearing experience.
Music is, and always will be, Robyn’s unshakeable fixation, rhythm being the backbone of any worthwhile piece or song. She is working on her proficiency on other instruments and her ability and confidence to learn only exists because of a strong foundation and understanding of drums and rhythm. Robyn wants to collaboratively create something good enough to satisfy her insatiable need for self-actualization. Without a doubt, she will do it with drumsticks in hand and feet on the pedals.

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  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Robyn 👊🥁

  2. Rhonda Smith says:

    Way to go Robyn you rock

  3. Theresa Stotes says:

    Awesome, Robyn!

    I agree: “She works to create anticipation in the listener while moving between pace changes with precision…. She does not subscribe to a cookie-cutter, metronome-based expected percussion but keeps the audience engaged.”

    Good luck and Rock on!

  4. Cquigley says:

    Soooo musical — great timing – ORIGINAL – natural – so much feeling – so interesting – you’re really good, Robyn.

  5. Teresa Sirman says:

    Wow! We are really impressed. Good luck kiddo.

  6. Janet says:

    Amazing passion, energy and skills!

  7. Donna says:

    Great job, you are so talented and I enjoyed reading your bio. Best of luck, you got this!

  8. LinsEliz says:

    Creative and dynamic. Simply brilliant!!

  9. Elana Fleischmann says:

    You ROCK and deserve to win!

  10. Iva says:

    Good luck Robyn

  11. Lila says:

    Good job Robyn you did great

  12. Sheila Drain says:

    Congrats Robyn you aced it!!!!!!!

  13. Joanne Bak says:

    Love it! Your musicality is amazing and inspiring. You deserve to win !!

  14. Susan says:

    I heard you were great and it’s true! Good luck, Robyn!

  15. Gramma & Grampa says:

    Grampa & I looked to a famous drummer to help in our comment. “ Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn’t sound like anybody else. So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form influenced my taste.”
    Buddy Rich.
    Well done Robyn & good luck. ❤️

  16. Jean Bond says:

    “Auntie Jean” here. You Rock!! LOVE it! jean

  17. Julie Smith says:

    I am mesmerized!! Give us more!

  18. Frank Miclash says:

    All the very best of luck Robyn.
    Great stuff.

  19. Susan and Grant Cheyne says:

    Your passion and commitment comes through when you play!

  20. Sharon B-J says:

    It is hard to tell where Robyn ends and the beat begins.
    Awesome Robyn! You go girl!

  21. Louisa Norris says:

    You Rock honey… and to think, this all started with a cactus!!!!

  22. Lila says:

    Robyn good luck

  23. Pam Smith says:

    Rocking Robyn !!!!!!🎶🎼🎶🎼🎶🎼

  24. Pete Smith says:

    Robyn Rocks the World!

  25. Sarah Atkinson says:

    what an experience to listen and watch!! truly awesome 👏🏽

  26. Jordan Spears says:

    Good luck!!!

  27. Jack says:

    Go Robyn!! Sounds great.

  28. Carol Anne says:

    Best wishes Robyn

  29. Amy Smith says:


  30. gordon says:

    Awesome sound and expression!!!!!

  31. Mary says:

    Way to rock, Robyn!!

  32. Elaine Sackville says:

    Awesome drumming Robyn .. you really rock those sticks!!!

  33. Nick Spears says:

    Keep it up Robyn!! Sounds great!!

  34. Lesley Hewett says:

    LOVE IT!!! Sounds great. Keep it up!

  35. Maries says:

    That’s amazing Robyn, you have so much talent! Good luck with the competition! You deserve it!

  36. Anna says:

    Hey Robyn, well done. I can definitely appreciate the skill and energy 👌 best of luck with the competition.

  37. Lindy Finlan says:

    Robyn is amazing!! 😀

  38. J. says:

    Mad skillllzzzzz my love!!

  39. Beau Dixon says:

    Yes Robyn! Rock steady! You’re killing’ it! BDxo

  40. Kim Blackwell says:

    Oh my gosh! I love Robyn!!! Kim B.

  41. Karen Spearing says:

    You rock Robyn!!!#!$!!

  42. Catriona Sinclair says:

    Way to go

  43. Nancy Kindree says:

    Hey Robyn, that’s amazing! The little girl I once knew is all grown up and so accomplished. Follow your passion and dreams!

  44. Jill Stocker says:

    Hi Robyn. Just wonderful. all the best and all the way.

  45. Love listening to and watching you perform. Go Robyn Go! So much passion and talent.

  46. Robert Ross says:

    Best of luck, Robyn. You’re the best!
    Rob & Glen

  47. Debbie Lawler says:

    Awesome job Robyn!

  48. faj says:

    Yep … just had another listen … it’s a slam punk/dunk … swatted it out of the park u did.

  49. AnneA says:

    Good luck girlie! 💕💕

  50. pamsmith says:

    I cannot seem to be able to vote – I am signed in and press the Vote Now button but my vote is not being entered? Anyone know what is up?

  51. ssirman says:


  52. mgalluzzo says:

    Great drumming and best of luck

  53. Lianne Landry says:

    As a person who listens to all genres of music, who has musicians in the house (including an accomplished drummer) let me say this: OUTSTANDING!

  54. faj says:

    Unfortunately many of Robyn’s family and friends are having difficulty creating a profile and, therefore, cannot vote.

  55. Fun to listen to, fun to watch! Rockin’ Robyn!

  56. kjvkbl says:

    Awesome – good luck! 🙂

  57. starryscott says:

    Wicked fast runs!, and deep in the groove. Well Played, Robyn. (Ask your dad who StarryScott is…)

  58. Dan Bourgeois says:

    Excellent. Jazz//rock/punk fusion. Like channelling Gene Krupa and Keith Moon, except for trashing the kit.
    Keep it up.

  59. joanna says:

    Really great work – you have a lot of talent and passion, good luck!!

  60. hubar says:

    Good stuff Robyn. I had lots of issues with the site until about 8 days and then voting became easier. Seems there were a lot of glitches.

  61. episbecky says:

    you deserve to win!

  62. sluther says:

    Awesome awesome. Do what you love and watch it give back.

  63. dprocyk says:

    We love you Robyn! You are awesome !

  64. Susan & John French says:

    Good luck Robyn, we’re all cheering for you.

  65. Heather Finn says:

    Amazing and incredibly talented young woman She rules the drum set !!!

  66. rhondasmith says:

    Thanks to all who supported Robyn for the public voting. Twas great! If you haven’t had a chance yet check her interview with Steve Kearns of 101.5 The Wolf out – what an awesome explanation of the HLAG competition! It is up on his blog for Tuesday April 23 at – under blogs, then click on Steve Kearns and find it on that page. Yay Go Robyn Go!

  67. her says:

    you are the most talented human i know. you’re the music of my life robyn bond.

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