Regina Russell

Hello Everybody!

This year I am drumming for the BIRDS . . . ;]
Rare birds . . . endangered birds . . . and all the free birds of #HLAG2019!


I was a cheerleader for my hometown, we were the eagles
Playing drums in a band feels something like cheerleading
Practicing routines, encouraging others, coordinating
~~tighten up eagles, tighten up~~

On the road home, an eagle peers from the top of a bare winter tree
Majestic raptors, bald white, sharp claws, sharp eyes, searching
I imagine singing and drumming to feel more like flying
~~let my spirit carry me~~


Music City, USA

Rare half-male, half-female cardinal spotted in Pennsylvania

The Rapid Decline of the Natural World is a Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change

Additional Information

Country: United-States



20 responses to “Regina Russell”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Regina πŸ‘ŠπŸ₯

  2. Drummerdanva says:

    Very original and creative. Nice!

  3. teresa says:

    wow! i’m liking this. Nice job

  4. Teresa – thanks so much for your support! Drumming is the best “job” I (n)ever had πŸ™‚

  5. rasila queen says:

    Hi R, I remember liking your drumming and singing from years past. Enjoyed your creativity and groove. Using floor tom instead of ride is great. Love how the singing and drumming compliment each other. I too am concerned about insect collapse and all that implies. Great dog.

  6. Thanks Queenie! Buddy and my first drum kit came in the same year. He really is a great dog πŸ™‚

  7. Lea T. says:

    Hi Regina! Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice along with your drumming! I really enjoyed it!

  8. Patadrum says:

    WOW! Really nice drumming and singing and originaly music, and the idea to singing for birds… <3! I love animals too and I feel connection with your music. Good luck in the contest! πŸ™‚

    • Patadrum – thanks so much for the listen! I think music is a lot about connectedness and the more we play, the more we realize we are in this together . . . and can recognize all the kinds of creatures that feel along with us πŸ™‚

  9. Sara Neidorf says:

    What a unique and beautiful entry! Thanks for sharing your voice with us, Regina! I especially like when you’re riffing on the floor tom, and that tambourine on your hi-hat sounds great. Nice bonus material at the end too! hehe! Keep doing your thing and expressing yourself through music, Regina! <3 -Sara Neidorf (drum set 18-39)

    • Sara – thank you so much for coming over to see my entry and leaving a joyful note! Let me know if you are ever in Nashville – would love to #doubledrum and learn some more tom riffs from you!! <3 R-

  10. evelynws says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed how the drumming and singing compliment each other perfectly! Great job and good luck in the contest! I hope I get to see more of your wonderful druming!

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