Rachel Hollister

I started playing drums 4 years ago. I needed a hobby after moving to Seattle where I knew absolutely no one. Nowadays, I can’t imagine spending my free time doing anything else.
Two of my favorite drummers are Andy Stack (of Wye Oak) and Micheal Quinn (of Enemies).
The last year for me – and for so many of us – has been horrific.
In October, I was living in a hotel with my partner. We had lost our home to a fire that took the life of our neighbor.
I suddenly had nothing to do but work and sit with my thoughts about what happened.
I looked to music to help me during that time.
I started getting into Zach Hill (the drummer of Death Grips) whose style is like nothing I had heard before. Zach knows how to create chaos and exercise restraint, simultaneously. His style is really a dance of pushing and pulling – sitting right behind the tempo, then right in front of it.
At the time, I was also listening to Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon. Part of the beauty of Pink Floyd, for me, is the space between the notes, but when I listened to DSM, I could sense something else was there that I was missing.
One day I heard the story behind “The Great Gig in the Sky”, and how the vocalist, Clare Torry, reflected on her performance. She said it was either “the Devil grinning up at me or God smiling down on me”. And I thought, that’s it – that’s what I have been living.
My submission for HLAG 2021 reimagines “The Great Gig in the Sky” as one version of how Zach Hill might play it.

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      Thank you!

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      Thanks, Josh!

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    I felt it. Thank you for the journey out of this world … Keep on hitting it !

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      I will! Thanks for watching and reaching out 🙂

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