Penny Larson

Penny Larson, the daughter of a drummer, first picked up sticks at the age of three and began performing at age eight. After several years marching in Drum & Bugle Corps as a teenager, layered with concurrent drum set studies, she began teaching drumset when she was sixteen. She is an alumna of Berklee College of Music and has studied with Vance Gordon, Skip Hadden, Ed Kaspik, and many others.
In addition to teaching, Penny is a founding member of the progressive instrumental rock band Hypaspace, with whom she has toured the United States and Canada.

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Country: United-States



16 responses to “Penny Larson”

  1. ingriddrums says:

    Woah well done, Penny! You are awesome.

  2. Good luck in the contest !! Awesome job Penny 👊🥁

  3. Dang Penny! What a gift you have . . . and nailed the landing 🙂 R-

  4. Jenny L says:

    Yay Penny! How amazing you are!

  5. Jbail says:

    Go penny!!! Good luck on the contest

  6. Frank Fowle, Sr. says:

    Good luck Penny!

  7. Caroline DW says:

    Congratulations on your weekly win! Great playing and control 👌

  8. lalvarez says:

    Good luck Penny! Your Awesome!!

  9. Dorann Wallrapp says:

    You are an amazing drummer and entertainer.
    Continued success. Hope to see you play soon.

  10. Rasila Queen says:

    Great job, can see why you made the finals! Lucky you with a dad drummer. It really shows. Totality awesome, loved listening to you.

  11. Larry Alvarez says:

    I’ve been following you years Penny. I’ve even asked you for advice every now and then. You were always so graceful and knowledgeable and its not surprising that you won. Your such an awesome drummer. Well deserved my friend! Congratulations Penny!

  12. Karen Newell says:

    Congrats Champion! TOTALLY loved your video, especially the ending, made me laugh out loud, great drumming skills AND sense of humor. Also, your set is absolutely gorgeous!! I love green too….

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