Patrycja Wojkowska

Hi :)! I'm Patrycja (25) from Poland and play drums from the age of 16 - I saw the drums in the recording studio and I knew... Since childhood I liked to knock and emotions were constantly spreading. I had a 2-year break in the playing during this time and then I realized that I could not live without drums. I express myself best through the playing. Currently I play in two bands: Open Access (folk metal - you can also listen my drumcam from concert on YT) and 1000 Sleepless Dreams (post rock). I'm still learning and my dream is playing a concert in front of thousands of people and see their smiles and share passion with them :). Apart from drums I like travel and draw. I combine these passions. In this movie I play one of my band's song. The most important thing for me is the sound, the story, not the speed.

For me music is everywhere... I breathe it, it's my inspiration. I want to scream! This scream is included in each contact with the drums. I would like to tell a story... Can you get involved in it? 🙂

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Kraków
Country: Poland
Author : Patrycja



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