Patrycja Wojkowska “Patadrum”

Hello Drummer World :)!

I'm Patrycja "Patadrum", 27 years old, from Poland. My really music education began when I was 16. Earlier I wanted to be a singer, but when I saw drums in a little home studio I lost my mind for drums. I feel that drums and I are like one organism. After graduation classical music school I had 2 years break in drumming. Now I play different music styles: folk, rock, metal, electronic, dubstep, r&b, indie, pop, funky.

I have a mission to inspire and share with people passion for music and drums!

Thank you so much for reading my bio and watching my film :)! If you would like see other my drum videos so I invite you to check my social medias.


Additional Information

Country: Poland



10 responses to “Patrycja Wojkowska “Patadrum””

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Patrycja ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฅ.

  2. Drummerdanva says:

    Impressive video. In that first section you showed some amazing single bass drum pedal work. Great job!

  3. Momo Kawazoe says:

    Really creative cover!

  4. Patadrum – really appreciated the variety in your videos. Obviously GREAT drumming – but really appreciated your JOY and interactions with others on stage as well as through the camera. I love your idea of being one organism with the kit. R- (40+ drumset)

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