Olga Zorina

My name is Olga, I am 14 years old. I was born in Ukraine in the city of Kiev, study in «Gymnasiums 34 Lybid», in the 8th form. I’d like to tell you something about myself. I have been playing drums since September, 2018.
My mum and my uncle used to listen to rock and metal music. When I was 6 years old, I learned about this music from my uncle and listening this music with he. The first and my favorite band was Metallika. Then more and more new groups appeared for me ... I love music since childhood. I had a lot of hobbies from the piano, ballroom dancing to the theatrical art...
Once I watched James Sullivan, the drummer of the Avenged Sevenfold band, playing. I thought «Why don’t I play drums» I Understood that was what I wanted to do. In the summer late at night, the thought came to me again «to go to the drums!!!» and in the morning I said this to my mother, and to my luck, she is not against it. The first song which I played was ColdPlay "Yellow» Than I decided to take part in this competition with the song of ACDC "Back in Black"

Thank you, my teacher Victor Gerchev!

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Country: Ukraine



21 responses to “Olga Zorina”

  1. Drummerdanva says:

    You have only been playing 6 months? Nicely done. You have good time and feel.

  2. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Olga 👊🥁

  3. Маргошка😍😍😘 says:

    Тупо сэкс)))

  4. anny says:



  6. Світлана says:

    Олю , ти молодчинка. Very cool!

  7. Оля, ти молодець!

  8. Vitality says:

    Жду не дождусь, когда ты сыграешь chop suey!))

  9. Екатерина says:

    Круто! Удачи!

  10. ida ayu sri kencana dewi says:

    Sukses terus adik cantik maju terus sampai final yessssss

  11. Henning Otte says:

    Very precise. I hope for you that you soon increase your confidence in yourself and learn to let go a little. What you showed was very promising.

  12. Nina says:

    Very cool

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