Niveditha Ode Linda

HEY GUYS! Im Niveditha. Born and brought up in India. I have been playing the drums at the age of 13 and it has been my passion ever since then. Through my 4 years of learning the drums and also my drumming career, I Play for a well known nationally acclaimed gospel choir called GLORIOUS CHRISTIAN CHOIR, I am one of the the founding members of a jazz fusion band called "Minute To Soul", I play drums for my college band called "7WAAS" and have indulged myself in many other gigs and fests. I also play the keyboard and guitar which i also started playing at the AGE OF 13.
One of my main influences are Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Anika Nilles, Gavin Harrison, Meytal, Senri Kawaguchi, Simon Phillps and ALOT of other drummers.

Soooooo....Here's my rendition of "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater played by the amazing Mike Portnoy. I really hope you enjoy my video!! BEST WISHES
- Niveditha

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Country: India



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  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Niveditha 👊🥁

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