Naz Karadavut

I've always had an unending fascination with music and art, I am a freelance illustrator and starting out as a tattoo artist and I play the piano and the drums, I am self taught, learned how to play by myself and I feel an incredible surge of power take over me when I play the drums. And on the piano I enjoy the sweet soft melody. I have liked metal since a very long time and since then it has been my identity. I am originally from Turkey, and I came to Barcelona Spain to study art. And in Barcelona, I have had the opportunity to see live amazing bands that I know and love. Some of them include Chris Adler from Lamb of God and Jordan Mancino from AILD.

I started playing drums when I was 14, with a basic kit my dad had bought for himself, but since he's not good at playing, I took a chance with it and adored it so I practiced until I got the hang of it and here I am, the same happened with piano. My dad is my hero in this sense, he introduced me to the world of instruments and I've been hooked since.

Music is my main inspiration in life and it is the most prominent thing that matters to me as a visual artist as well. I have created a 'brand' -we may say- called Nazcore, which would be my name, Naz, together with the word Hardcore. In which I showcase my passions, which are Art and Music. I decided to join with my cover of Bullet for my Valentine's song 'Waking the Demon'. It is one of the songs that got me into metal and makes me feel strong and in control as a woman. Much love xx

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