Naisa S. Santana Rivera

*About me*
My name is Naisa S. Santana Rivera, I am 16 years old and I live in Puerto Rico. I am currently a high school student. I have been playing music since I was only 9 years old. When I attended musical events and activities, I integrated myself to play some instruments and, from there some musicians and recognized groups began to invite me to participate with them. Participation with these groups has led me to gain experience over time. My passion has led me to take several percussion courses to learn more about the rhythms and instruments as well as my knowledge and skills.

*How it all started*
In my family, many are distinguished for being dancers, singers or playing an instrument. So since I was little I was always surrounded by people who have to do with music. I began to participate in several presentations as a dancer, but I was always struck by the rhythm of the percussion and its arrangements. Being from Puerto Rico I have been involved in folkloric groups which led me to my first percussion instruments, “barill de Bomba: and “Panderos de Plena”. When it comes to playing, I am more about Latin/Afro-Caribbean instruments like congas, bongo, timbales, djembe, “panderos de plena”, cajón. The styles I like the most are jazz, latin jazz, latin rumba, bomba, plena, salsa.

I would like to study music in some institute and obtain PhD in Afro-Caribbean music. Travel the world with different groups and get to play with a recognized artist. Commercialize and expose the music of my country.

*My video*
In the video, you can see two of the genres with which I grew up, La Bomba and La Plena. I started with a “lamento” that is a slow plena and then goes faster. The instruments of the plena are the “guiro” and three “Panderos”. Then it goes to the Bomba with a rhythm known as the “Sica” and then the music ends with a “seis corrido”. The instruments with the maraca, the “cua” and the “barriles de bomba”.

Additional Information

Country: Puerto-Rico



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  1. Chino1 says:

    It Shows the different folkloric instruments of Puerto Rico and the music.

  2. pepe says:

    Go Naisa!!!!

  3. amarilysrios says:

    Que el mundo entero conozca quien es la talentosísima Naisa!!!!

  4. Tatha says:

    Go girl 👍🖤

  5. Elias says:

    Adelante confío enti

  6. Chala says:

    Who run the world??? Girlssss!!!!!

  7. Junito Torres says:

    La mejor.. orgullo Boricua !

  8. lornapou says:

    Go Naisa💪🏾🇵🇷

  9. Jeffdom02 says:

    Niña orgulloso de tiii excelente

  10. Yina says:

    Love you girl… Go Nai🇵🇷
    La mejor percusionista.💪

  11. Olga Ramos says:

    Adelante Naisa…talento te sobra. Desde Juncos te envío buenas vibras. Éxito,

    Olga Ramos

  12. Vanessa says:


  13. cinthia2082 says:

    Eso Nai éxito bendiciones titi Cinthia te ama

  14. cinthia2082 says:

    Bendiciones éxito titi Cinthia te ama

  15. cinthia2082 says:

    wujuuuuuuuu 💪🏻👏🏻🙏🏻 Titi Cinthia te ama bendiciones

  16. Veronikvr says:

    Por tus meritos lograras todo lo que te propongas. Mucho Exito.

  17. Cinthia says:

    Esooooooo esa es la nuestra titi Cinthia te ama Papito Dios te cuide y te bendiga

  18. Cinthia says:

    Bendiciones te ama titi Cinthia

  19. Éxito Naisa
    Dios te bendiga

  20. Jesus algarin says:

    Tremenda percucionista y muy diciplinada

  21. NildaFernandez says:

    Éxito Naysa !!💪🏼💪🏼

  22. Idalina says:

    Excelente Naisa. Mucho éxito, eres un orgullo para los puertorriqueños y sobre todo una gran representación para las mujeres.

  23. Jorge Santana says:

    Vamo arriba bebe!!!!

  24. Ivette Sanchez Mediavilla says:

    Vamos arriba princesa!!! Exito sirmpre vamos a ti!!!!

  25. Ividance says:

    Vamos arriba princesa voy a ti!!!!! Dios te bendiga!!!!😁😍😘

  26. Apolo says:

    Lets go sis!!

    Sou Proud!

  27. Turi Santana says:

    Dios te bendiga en ese camino para q sea exitoso.

  28. Bibi says:

    Bien Naisa, tienes un don que Dios te dio, disfrutalo y mucho exito.

  29. Julia Caridad Cepeda says:

    Espectacular! Puro talento puertorriqueño.

    Voy a tí

  30. Onisosa says:

    Ejele, Nai adelante con la rumba…😀

  31. hernanw says:

    Vamo arriba Naisa!!! Exito

  32. vlalverio says:

    Seguimos fuerte!!! Te amo!

  33. cinthia2082 says:


  34. Sharon Rivera says:

    Muchas bendiciones y exito en la vida.

  35. Beatriz says:

    La fruta no cae tan lejos del arbol, muchas felicidades. Que se sepa que eres de la MATA, Dios te bendiga

  36. shamir says:

    Naisa recibe bendiciones hasta que sobreabunden y métele con tó!


  37. Julio Márquez says:

    Éxito Neisa vamos a demostrarle al mundo el talento que sale de nuestra islita 100×35 y que la juventud apoya la cultura.

  38. apineiro917 says:

    A lot of success! Boricua pride!!

  39. Hamid says:

    Nice… tremendo talento…

  40. Carlos VarGas Segura. says:

    Con fuerza, todo el apoyo desde Costa Rica y muchos exitos.

  41. Mas que sorprendida…continue desarrollandose…el cielo es el limite


  43. Yina says:

    The dream come true…🎶
    🇵🇷 #islandgirl😘

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