Nadine Kelly

I have been drumming for nine years. The itch to be a drummer started when I saw the preview for the movie "Hop" in 2011. I took my daughters to see that movie just to see the bunny play the drum solo I saw in that preview! A few months later, despite the nagging feeling that I was having a midlife crisis, I went to my local music shop and signed up for my first drum lesson.

Ever since, I have been learning from teachers and practicing faithfully and diligently. But something was missing. Although I have always loved and enjoyed listening to music, I was not having fun behind my kit.

In November of 2019, I met my current and amazing drum teacher, Tim Buell. Tim encouraged me to stop comparing myself to others, love where I am in my drumming journey, and to venture into a more creative and bold mindset. I heard about this contest from a friend and with Tim's help, I worked on this drum cover of one of my favorite songs, "The Policy of Truth", by Depeche Mode. I am truly proud and I love the drummer that I am today.

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  1. Niri.shaul on March 8, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Great song and great performance!!
    Its so cool to see how much you enjoy what you do, and that’s all the fun in it 🙂

    • Nadine Kelly on April 17, 2021 at 2:42 pm

      Thank you so much! Thanks for listening and thanks for your encouragement!!

  2. cfee on March 9, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    ohh you choose one of my favorite song of all time. bravo ! and most of all, i m happy to read you found the right drums teacher to open your real you in drums and endless possibilities . keep it up being an amazing lady who express herself with drums !!! i send you mes best healthy kind & creativ regards from France, in Europe

    • Nadine Kelly on April 17, 2021 at 2:43 pm

      I love this song so much! Thank you so much for listening. I am really committed to having fun!

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