Momo Kawazoe

Hello! I decided to come back again my 5th year ...

I've been producing music for a few years now. Besides playing drums, it became my second passion I want to pursue for my life and my future. What I love about producing is that I can create something that I can rearrange as often as I want, not playing something on an instrument that is basically recorded at once and that has physical limits. And last but not least, it's a completely different way of creating worlds. To me, a very important thing and at the same the hardest thing is to always serve the song in a way and give it the right mood to the story it tells.

When I joined the all-girl band CHIARA in 2019 as a drummer, I also started doing simple arrangements for our songs, and soon they turned into more elaborate pre-productions. They eventually influenced the songs how they were recorded in the studio, of course, after working on it with the whole band and our producer. So I kind of became a co-producer, not only the drummer. I'm really happy to be so busy with CHIARA, but I also hope to work with other artists in the future ...

For this track, I chose a song by CHIARA that was our last single, it's called "Jealous Mary" (official release with video: I could say gently that I did the production and arrangement of the song, as well as drumming and editing. I was inspired by Lo-Fi sounds, sometimes a bit Beatles-like and modern pop. Also, I added my own style.




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