Momo Kawazoe

Back for the fifth time in the very last minute …

My love for drumming already started at the age of 6 when I couldn’t get away from the drum kit I spotted at a trade fair. Years later, I had a session with a friend who played drums and let me play his kit while he played the congas. Since I was 10, I’ve been taking lessons and drumming became my absolute passion besides producing which I started quite recently. But more and more, it became playing music, and not just drums.

Some styles that influence my music and drumming are pop, rock, funk, jazz, things inbetween, 80s music, electronic music. Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, Bernard Purdie or Ash Soan are some of my drumming heroes at the moment. Interestingly, my drumming has been influenced by programmed drums a lot recently, as they sometimes inspire me with creative rhythms a drummer wouldn’t come up with.

I can count a lot of bands and band workshops to my band experience, one of them is Kanti-s-Wings, my school’s band. But among these bands, probably the all-girl band CHIARA pushed me the most to become more professional in drumming and music, on stage and in the studio.

I don’t know exactly the direction, but I know that music will be my future, there’s nothing else I can live for. It could be a mix between drumming and producing.

My spontaneous entry is a jam to a track I had created specifically for HLAG but didn’t have the courage to use it until now. Finally I did it! Enjoy!

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