Minal Vekaria

My journey started back in 9th grade when I changed my school, on the first day during morning assembly I hear a live band playing school songs and national anthem. It was the first time I every saw live music...even if it was just in school.

Usually people are moved by melody and can relate to it better than loud drums playing early morning, but I couldn't hear anything other than the drums. Too shy to approach the music teacher for lessons, I'd just watch and listen to the drummer until I heard about children's festival happening that year and I joined but got rejected during auditions because well...I had never held drumsticks in my life and didn't know anything about music. My music teacher Mr.Benjamen never gave up on me though,he trained me and asked to go back to the auditions. I GOT IN!. He till date follows my work and no matter if anyone likes or comments, he always does. Since then I've been listening to music and watching drummers play.

Over the years I've been inspired by many drummers, Casey Cooper,Mike portnoy, Mike Mangini, Neil Peart and some even Local artists who have put in a lot of effort to make a difference, and someday I hope I do too. Every time I perform live I at least have 1 person approach me just to say that it was really inspiring and rare seeing a female behind the kit. Just knowing that I made someone smile today motivates me to get back home and work on myself even more and never stop performing, never stop believing.

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