Marissa Monet

I don't actually remember when I first got into music, it was just always there. In fact, many of my relatives were great musicians but I didn't grow up around it which makes me think it was just hardwired in my brain. I do remember constantly singing when I was younger so I joined a choir. The Phoneix Children's Chorus was a great place for me to start singing and learn about music theory, when I decided I wanted to be a solo artist I started taking piano and voice lessons. I've been playing piano for about 4 years now, I started teaching myself how to play the guitar and this contest has inspired me to start playing drums. I am a freshman at Shadow Mountain Highschool and started making beats last year thanks to the NVAA program. It really sparked my interest in music production and made me realize that I wanted to be both a performing artist and my own music producer. I know it'll be difficult to master performing, singing, and producing but I'm determined... and stubborn.



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