Manuela Klausz

Hello everybody,
my name is Manuela, I am 22 years old and from Germany. At the age of 14 I heard a drum solo at a concert, the sound of the drums fascinated me like no other instrument (at that time I already played the accordion, a little bit of guitar and piano). After hard persuasion with my parents I got a drum set for my 15th birthday - from then on I never wanted to stop playing (provided there is nobody at home: "too loud"). I started playing in a local traditional brass band (yes it's the "Oktoberfest style"). One of my highlights was drumming in a procession at the Vatican. I'm the only girl on drums in this band and I wear lederhosen instead of dresses (it just works better on drums).This unusual sight of a girl on the drums in lederhosen often brings interested looks, fortunately most people react very positively and supportively. I am still the exception, but I would be happy if there are more girls on the drums in the future. And someone has to start!

In addition, I play in a symphonic orchestra in the percussion section (timpani, xylophone, etc.) and in a modern brass band (we play current hits at parties).

When I'm not making music I'm out in nature, I'm studying environmental science and sustainability and want to contribute to conservation. But most of the time you can find me on the drums: there are so many great musicians to learn from.

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