Mana Fukuda

Hello my name is Mana Fukuda, an 11 year old Japanese drummer.

I started to play drums from the age of 4 in different venues and sessions in Japan.

I like to play Rock, Metal, Funk, and Japanese animation songs. I have recently played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Thailand last year, which was a great experience for my drum life because I was able to connect with other musicians through the rhythm of the music and not language. Playing music is something special since we have to have a feeling for the other artists and their culture and styles. I would like to be able to play various genres of music with all different types of people all over the world.

I am honored, because in my elementary school, there are still many classmates of mine who do not know about the drums as an intrument. When they saw a musical performance at school that I was in, they suddenly became interested in the drums and that honor makes me so happy. I was able to inspire my classmates and they inspire me to continue playing with my drums. I look forward to playing them because it is so much fun.

This is my fourth challenge in “Hit Like a Girl”. For me , this contest has a special meaning. I see the performances of other drummers from all over the world and it has been my inspiration, and my driving force. By competing in HLAG, we can open up a new path and discover our new selves in the process.

In this entry song, I had help with my partners living in the USA, they used one of my drum sessions, to mix in with their music. It did not have any drums in it and so I played the sessions for their song, feeling their rhythm, even though we weren't together. From all the way in Japan, when I was performing my part of the song, it was as if I was right there next to them.

I hope everyone who sees this work will enjoy it, smile and be happy. I really hope to become a professional drummer and that I will be able to play overseas someday. Thank you very much.

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Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Osaka
Country: Japan


  1. That was excellent. Great feel and timing. You are well on your way if you want to be a professional drummer someday.

    • Dan Campbell, Thank you for your nice comment. Your comment will be my encouragement! !

  2. Awesome entry! The drumming had a good feel and great timing. 😀

    • Annapurna,Thank you so much!!

  3. Your smile is pure gold! I can’t wait to see how you progress over the coming years. Really fantastic!

    • Thank you for positive comments. Your words will be my power. From now on, we look forward to your continual support XD

  4. Your drumming is amazing!! Congrats on getting weekly winner!

    • Audrey, Thank you so much!!


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