Maia Beating

Hello lovely people!
I choose this song out of several reasons. First of all John Bonham is an amazing drumer who's work has to be known by everyone who likes this instrument. The song it self learns you a lot, from ghost notes to polyrythm, quarter-note triplets, changing speed, shuffle... you even have to learn to sit right on the chair for this song.
The second reason is related to this very crazy year we just got through, I belive we are all feeling a little bit like fools in the rain, our beloved music schools are closed, we can play together with our bands or orchestras but we keep going and not allowing a virus to stop our evolution. Maybe at the end, we will like Robert Plant said, just sitting in the rain at the wrong block! 🙂
Unfortunately this year we could not go to a studio to prepare the song, I have to give a big shout out here to my teacher Lukas Fellner who not just helped me through this song but also made the video in his cellar.
Keep on Rockin Girls!

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