Madi Bode

I wrote my first song when I was in the fifth grade and finished producing my first EP during my second year of college. Both were pretty rough around the edges, but since then I've been slowly expanding my songwriting, music production, and audio engineering abilities. I wrote the song "Hometown Blues (Bored)"--which will also be part of an upcoming album--from a place of boredom, as an expression of what it feels like to have nothing to do in any given moment while also wondering whether that feeling might actually stem from a more powerful, all-encompassing disinterest that can't necessarily be shaken by my usual hobbies. I wanted the production to feel meandering, inconsequential, melodramatic, and somewhat random in order to try and capture the tension between everyday, commonplace boredom and the concern that this feeling might not ever disappear entirely. When I listen to the song, I picture someone driving down an endless road with no destination in mind, not necessarily unhappy but certainly listless, while the same scenery rolls and repeats on the sidelines.



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